Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Oils, the whole truth

We hear a lot about the incredible goodness of oils, especially used as a hair treatment. There's quite a lot of different types of oils that are good for our weave. However, it all depends on your hair type.

Hair with low porosity should be using:
* coconut oil
* babassu oil
* shea butter

Hair with high to medium porosity would benefit from:
* argain oil
* sweet almond
* olive oil

Coconut oil is the most common of all,its rich in vitamins, fatty acids that help keep the moisture not only in hair but scalp. It can help fight such problems as dandruff, itchy scalp and split ends.

Argan oil which is filled with Vitamin E and fatty acids works great to add shininess and softness while also keeps brittle, frizzy hair silky and smooth. 

Olive oil not only can be found and used in the kitchen, its content of essential nutrients and mono saturated fatty acids makes our strands strong, soft and more manageable while new growing hair becomes thicker and denser. 

These are only a few different types of oils, if your hair is thin or flat you can add couple of drops to your conditioner or mask. I used to mix oil with the mask and leave it under a shower cap/towel for a couple of hours, every other wash. Nowadays, I do the oil treatment less frequent, once a month as my hair's condition has improved since I stopped bleaching it too often and added regular olaplex/nourishing treatments.