Friday, 24 June 2016

Office Wear

Summer can be tricky if you're working in an office and have to dress up a little bit. However, nowadays many employers are more flexible and open to new, up-to-date attire. I like my office clothes but sometimes struggle with the ideas, especially if it's nice and warm. Trousers are always an easy combination, especially with a blazer but how about skirts or dresses, suitable for an office environment...

Let me show you a couple of really nice ideas for office wear.

What are you favourites? What do you like to wear to work or do you have to have a uniform?


Monday, 6 June 2016

Hair Challenge May Review Final Month

Last month of my challenge has come to an end. Six months has passed very quickly and what I can say that my hair transformed hugely which I'm very pleased with, especially with not bleaching it. 

So what happened in May... another great achievement which was 2cm more in just a month! Woop Woop :) The only downside of not having highlighted hair is that it gets greasy very quickly, especially the scalp. So to fight it I started to do sugar scrub for my scalp and saw a bit of a difference. My hair care routine is the same, i.e. I always put a bit of conditioner on wet hair before shampooing it, just to protect dry ends. Then comes the shampoo and of course yeast hair mask which my hair love. However, I don't put it on my scalp anymore as I think that might be one of the reasons why my scalp gets greasy quicker. I still use serum Babushka Agafii but only every other day or 2-3 times a week. I think that's enough as I can see that my hair growth has improved. Let's see how the summary looks:

Hair length: 48cm

Treatments: Babushka Agafia Yeast Mask after every wash, serum Babushka Agafia on the scalp and brushing my hair almost every night for a few minutes with my favorite paddle brush, started sealing my ends with argan oil.

Supplements: Biotin ( one tablet a day), Inner Me Pro Beauty Complex (a few times a week), herbal teas: nettle, green, fennel. 

No trim last month.

Hair grow: 2cm

That's how my hair looks like after drying it on a low heat and using some protection serum after. The ends are still a bit brittle but overall hair feels much healthier, softer and fuller.

Overall hair growth during the whole challenge is 7.5cm which is a great results as at the beginning my hair would not grow at all or very little due to to many bleach sessions I had :( Nowadays I'm avoiding colouring the hair and definitely not going back to bleaching it as it just kills it.