Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hair Challenge April Review

April has been a month of tidying up and not only my split ends but bathroom shelves from unnecessary, products that I won't ever use as they can make more damage than good. These are the products that I bought a while ago, before I knew a little bit about the ingredients that are being out into hair products. One of the items that landed in the bin was biosilk serum which consists of alcohol 40B that plays havoc with split ends and hair in general as it dries it out terribly.

After the trim ( quite a lot has been chopped off, 3cm) my hair does feel and look so much healthier and fuller. It nearly is the same length which I'm aiming to achieve in a few months as it started to grow a little bit faster too. So what has changes?
Hair length: 46cm.

Condition: hair is less brittle and so much easier to manage/style, feels fuller and doesn't get greasy as quickly.

Treatments: I used Kerastase Resistance shampoo & mask and on alternate days Babushka Agafia Yeast Mask and Biotin Shampoo. A few times I also done sugar scrub for the scalp and from early mid month I've been putting Agafia Serum on the scalp followed by 'upside down brushing'.

Supplements: Silica complex one tablet per day and every other day ( or maybe even less) Inner Me Pro Beauty Complex with marine collagen. Herbal teas, like nettle, horsetail, fennel and green are a norm.

Trim: -3cm :O

Hair Grow: 2.5cm !!!


 Last month has been the best month so far when it comes to the growth of my strands. I'm so happy cos I've never thought it can grow that much in a month. Patience, patience and more patience with right care and everything can happen.