Thursday, 4 February 2016

Brushing In The Conditioner

As my hair recently started to become greasy on the scalp and a bit flat I decided to look for an alternative to my oil treatment which now I'm only doing every other wash cos I don't want to weigh my hair to much. After numerous searches I found Agnieszka . She's Polish blogger and vlogger ;) I love hair hair tutorials and advice she gives. And that's where I found the brushing in method which left my hair full of volume ( but still a bit frizzy, that's because my hair is still so damaged... :( working on it all the time though). 

What did I change in my routine?

Oil Treatment Routine:

1) firstly rinse hair in warm (not hot) water
 2) secondly wet my hair with an oil mixture ( to warm water I added a few drops of my favourite oil and mix it a bit)
3) then on top of that I usually put hair mask ( so far the best for me was Redken Extreme) and leave it under a foil and micro fibre towel for at least 30 minutes
4) after that time I rinse my hair and shampoo it but only the scalp, I don't rub it, just gently massage the shampoo into the scalp and the lather washes the ends
5) I always put conditioner on my hair and massage that in before I rinse it all off. Last rinse is always cool water to close the cuticles.

Brushing In The Conditioner Routine:

1) First wash is with condition, which helps keep the moisture in hair. At that point already I'm brushing hair upside down ( that helps blood flow to scalp and in the result the hair will start growing faster)
2) I wash hair with my favourite shampoo, that at the moment is Dove Anti Hair Loss which leaves my hair feeling clean and strong
3) Now when the hair is prepared correctly time to start the process of brushing our hair :) You will be able to see exactly how to do it right here . Agnieszka is using Ionic Paddle Brush but last night I used Kent with natural bristles and that did a trick too, as am waiting for my paddle one to come. 
I brushed the conditioner (this time I put a stronger,repair one) through hair starting from the ends working my way up. Remember not to pull any hair, just be gentle ;) The time needed fro the conditioner to start working and get into our hair properly is usually 3 minutes but you can do it for at least five, everything depends how thick your hair is.
4) Now it's time to rinse it off and if you can air dry your hair. Unfortunately my hair needs to be dried with hairdryer otherwise it turns out flat and very hard to manage. But I always use heat protect spray.


A little tip, always make sure you brush your hair before washing, as it makes it easier to manage while wet  and after shampooing too ;)