Monday, 30 November 2015

True Gold Babyliss

BaByliss True Glow Sonic Skincare System designed to cleanse and exfoliate in one. Through regular use, skin is left feeling silky smooth and visibly healthier. Use True Glow to gently cleanse pores, preparing your skin for your everyday products allowing them better absorption.
With 3 speed settings and individual brush heads for normal skin, sensitive skin and for the body, the True Glow is suitable for all skin types and cleansing requirements. Use the 60 second timer to ensure the skin is properly and evenly cleansed. True Glow is also water resistant, meaning you can use yours in the bath or shower.

Thursday, 26 November 2015


They're as important as well balanced diet and caring for our hair, especially at the first stage where our hair needs that extra boost of vitamins/minerals, etc. 

My first choice was of Polsih company, called Olimp: Bio Silica which is a food supplement that contains a herbal extract composition of field horsetail and stinging nettle, sulphur amino acids, collagen hydrolysates and selected vitamins and minerals.
Field horsetail extract improves the appearance of the skin, hair and nails, stimulates hair growth  and strengthens it. Stinging nettle extract strengthens nails and hair. Group vitamins B contained in the product (riboflavin, biotin, niacin) and vitamin A help maintain healthy skin. The natural antioxidants of vitamin C and E, riboflavin, zinc and copper contribute to strengthening the body’s defences against oxidative cellular damage. Zinc additionally helps maintain healthy nails.

There's 30 pills in a packet and you take one per day. I'm very curious and excited if there will be any visible difference after first month. I shall keep you all posted ;)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Redken Extreme

This series of Redken products are great for distressed hair, like mine. After so many bleach sessions my hair was in need of some serious, strenghtening therapy and I can say that these products do what it says on the tub :) 

I've been using Extreme Strength Builder plus Fortifying Hair Mask since March and I think it was that product that saved me from going bold after so many hairdressers disasters. After using it regularly, twice a week for at least 30 minutes under shower cap and towel, I've not problems de-tangling or combing my wet hair. It feels nice and soft, even without straightening.

I've also got Redken CAT Spray but I must say, it doesn't work that great on my hair. I think my hair is that much damaged that simple CAT spray is not enough. However, together with the mask, that's a different story ;)
The whole Redken Extreme Family here

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Oil Treatment

After reading quite a few, must admit very interesting, blogs about hair and haircare I decided to try oil treatment. I wasn't sure at first as in the past I've tried to put oil on my dry hair and usually that ended up in tears as my hair went so greasy that I had to wash them at least twice...

However, one of the bloggers discovered a great way to oil our hair and I must admit that it does work. You can read more here . According to Natalia the best way to start oil treatment is to mix actual oil with luke water until it starts looking like soup. That's what I've done, mixed everything together and then bathe my hair in this mixture, left it under shower cap and towel for at least 20 minutes. After that I've put mask, making sure the most important ends were nicely covered in it. And again shower cap and towel for at least another 20-30 minutes. In the meantime I had a bath, put a face mask on and even did my eyebrows... That's what I call multi-tasking :) Washing my hair was different this time as I was following Natalia's tips and must admit they do work. I only washed my scalp, leaving the lather to gently cover the rest of my hair. I washed my hair like this twice as after first wash I could still feel a bit of oil ( or that's what I thought it was). Everything would be perfect but after doing the oil treatment I struggled to comb my hair. It was so tangled that even my wide-tooth comb had problems to get rid of those tangly bits... So I'm not so sure what I've done wrong but that will not stop me from oiling my de-hydrated and tired hair. Any clues or tips guys would be much appreciated:)

That's my hair this morning, I only dried it last night with some repair, leave in condition. No straightening/curling/styling! Woop Woop :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


That hair colouring technique is very popular and much more subtle than normal ombre where you've got very dark roots and lighter colour on the ends... In my opinion sombre, i.e. subtle ombre is a great alternative to popular highlights that usually overdry our hair by using a lot of bleach. There's so many sombre variations from bronde to blonde . My favourite colour is ash and platinum  blonde, so far have got a few looks that I really like. What's your hair colour technique? Or do you prefere natural?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Big welcome

Hi guys,

A very warm welcome to my personal space where I'd like to share my interests, beauty and hair tips and of course a bit of everything, as most women my interests are quite vast and I don't like to limit myself to anything ;) 

At the moment hair care takes up a lot of my free time. As my hair has been trough hell recently. In March this year my usual stylist left without letting me know and I've been left with in some other ( not the best trained in my opinion) hairdressers' hands. All I wanted was to have less highlights and more natural hair... is it so difficult to understand and do. It turned out that it was for this woman who firstly from lovely highlighted hair that I had it turned into strawberry blonde ( more ginger than blonde which is the last colour I would have on my head as I hate warm tones, never mind any redness in), then the silly woman put a dark ( said to me it's dark blonde) all over which was just a disaster as I looked ill in such a dark colour. My natural hair is mousy blonde and never had any warm tones in it but has been told that all the colouring and bleaching changed its  properties. After this incident I had to go to my old hairdresser and she stripped the colour off, put some highlights but that took a massive toll on the condition of my hair.

                                        That's my hair in March 2015.

                                  My hair now, with hihglights and more ash tones.
I've had it cut quite a lot but unfortunately my hair won't grow, not quick enough anyway. I know am a bit impatient but would love to have longer and healthier hair not dry, damaged strands that if I curl it myself it drops pretty quickly... is it because of the bleach and all the colouring?  

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and please leave a sign that you've been here :)