Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Oils, the whole truth

We hear a lot about the incredible goodness of oils, especially used as a hair treatment. There's quite a lot of different types of oils that are good for our weave. However, it all depends on your hair type.

Hair with low porosity should be using:
* coconut oil
* babassu oil
* shea butter

Hair with high to medium porosity would benefit from:
* argain oil
* sweet almond
* olive oil

Coconut oil is the most common of all,its rich in vitamins, fatty acids that help keep the moisture not only in hair but scalp. It can help fight such problems as dandruff, itchy scalp and split ends.

Argan oil which is filled with Vitamin E and fatty acids works great to add shininess and softness while also keeps brittle, frizzy hair silky and smooth. 

Olive oil not only can be found and used in the kitchen, its content of essential nutrients and mono saturated fatty acids makes our strands strong, soft and more manageable while new growing hair becomes thicker and denser. 

These are only a few different types of oils, if your hair is thin or flat you can add couple of drops to your conditioner or mask. I used to mix oil with the mask and leave it under a shower cap/towel for a couple of hours, every other wash. Nowadays, I do the oil treatment less frequent, once a month as my hair's condition has improved since I stopped bleaching it too often and added regular olaplex/nourishing treatments.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wedding shoes...a bit different

When it comes to wedding shoes I'm not a traditional picker. I'd like to add a bit of a twist to my lovely wedding dress ;)

That's why I've decided to go for Rome60 in champagne glitter by Jimmy Choo's. I've also added a personalised bit with our wedding date. I don't wear very high heels so I was very pleasantly surprised when I could choose the heel size, as I've always thought that Jimmy Choo's shoes have very, high heels. The height of my heel is 60mm which is perfect as I will be wearing them all day on my wedding day and after as I am totally in love with them. I must say that I cannot wait for them to come but with a personalised bit it takes 10 weeks, so if you consider getting a pair, bear that in mind ;)

  Here are my little beauties:        

Above is the shoe that they advertise on Jimmy Choo website, as you can see the colour in real light is a bit darker but still sparkle is lovely and subtle. 

What would be your choice? Would you go for a classic white shoe or go even more wild than me and choose something that stands out even more, like red or converse trainers? 


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Brassy Tones Say No!

Maintaining ash blonde can be tricky and sometimes quite pricey. However, there are decent, cheaper products around as well as little trick that help us keep brassy tones at bay. I love me blonde highlights and I did try to go natural/grow it out but unfortunately I'm not patient enough...

In this post I'd like to share a few of my little tips of how to keep our ash, blonde as cool as possible and for as long as possible.

Firstly, we need to remember that any blonde coloured hair requires special shampoo and care. I wash my hair twice, first using a regular shampoo ( right for my hair type), second with violet/purple/silver shampoo. Some people prefer to use a toner after shampooing and conditioning but in my case I'm not sure if the colour after wouldn't be too purple as the toners are usually stronger than shampoo and you use them last which means no further rinsing needed. My favorite shampoo is from a Polish company Joanna and their products are cheap but still good quality. After the use my hair feels nice and soft.


Secondly, the right care in between using purple shampoo and the next treatment. It's very important to use products designed for coloured/highlighted hair. While styling remember to use heat protection mists/sprays otherwise your hair will loose its colour quicker and what's even worse you can damage your fragile strands. After the styling I also put a tiny bit of Goldwell Elixir which contains Argan Oil to help regenerate our hair and Tamanu Oil which protects hair from damage caused not only by styling/colouring but also weather ( ie wind, cold, sun).


Lastly, don't over do with purple/blue shampoo as it can turn your hair into grey/khaki matte colour. Everything but in moderation and I'm sure lovely, blonde tones will last till the next visit at your hairdressers.


Thursday, 15 September 2016

Michael Kors Brooklyn Collection

Michael Kors is one of my favourite NY designers and his new Fall 16 Collections is just stunning. I was lucky enough to get the must-have Brooklyn Saddlebag for my birthday and I must say the quality of leather and design is absolutely perfect.

My little beauty here :) 

And some more pictures of the bag from Michael's website 

What are your thoughts? Do you invest in any top end designer stuff or prefer the high street little gems?

Friday, 9 September 2016

Hair Conditioning Treatments

In the last couple of months I had a few hair-conditioning treatments which really improved the look of my hair. I've started noticing that every strand feels and looks stronger and is more shinier. I know it's not all because of the mentioned treatments but I'm sure they have helped.


The first treatment was ordinary Olaplex which I had done couple of times. The Olaplex always leaves my hair soft and manageable. Even after first use when it was added to the colour & bleach it did the trick by protecting my vulnerable at the time strands. This treatment can be used not only while colouring/bleaching but also as a sole conditioning procedure. Olaplex is free of silicone, sulfates, etc. which means it does not weigh the hair. The idea is to reconnect broken disulfide bonds in the hair which can be caused not only by colouring but also hot air from the hairdryers, tongs, straighteners and wrong daily care. The great benefit is that it doesn't wash away, once the disulfide bonds are treated by Olaplex they're permanent.

The second treatment was Sauna that has been done at the Polish hairdressers as so far I haven't seen it anywhere in the English ones locally. The whole idea is to put the mask/serum suitable to your hair. Mine was designed to restore/put back the moisture into my dry strands. The hot moist air helps penetrate the serum deeper and quicker. After about half an hour to 45 minutes hairdresser rinses the mask and it's done. Hair feels so soft and full of life and what's more after regular sauna treatments hair will stay well hydrated and bouncy. 

My hair as of yesterday. I caught the good light that's why is so ashy/silver, normally it's a bit warmer but that's when violet shampoo comes handy ;) I'm not so sure about the length but I think it's grown at least 2cm per month.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July Hair Update

After over 7 months without highlighting  I decided it time time to get rid off the brassy tones that developed over those months.  I've tried to avoid colouring and was taking good care of my hair, together with some supplements which helped bring it back to life a little bit. Don't get me wrong I still do look after it and make conscious decision to what shampoo, mask, etc. I use. However, I was a bit fed up with the brassy/yellow colour that my hair turn into over those few months and found a good Polish hairstylist who listened and understood my needs. I am very pleased with what she's created as it is as ash as it could be without looking too grey. I have decided for a few babylights weaved into my ash tone as it might have been too dark too start with. Of course Olaplex has been used in the whole process to protect my hair. I had it done a few weeks ago as a sole treatment and on Sunday I had it added to the colour. I've also had a nice trim, straight cut which is what I wanted.

                                     Here you can see my hair straight after the visit


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wedding Dresses

For many of us wedding is a big thing and we want to make sure everything is perfect, especially the wedding dress which in my opinion has to be right and make you feel special and like a real woman. There is as many styles of wedding dresses as personal choices but I've noticed that nowadays fitted dresses are very popular. With only few of us going for a full, ball gown. 

There are a few, little beauties that I would like to share with you and so far my favourite designer is Soterro & Midgley who creates outstanding, breathtaking gowns. 

And something totally different but stunning at the same time

I'm aware that everyone's choice is different but I thought sharing my inspirations from Soterro & Midgley some of you find helpful.